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Richmond Working Mens' Club

Richmond Working Men's Club

Richmond Working Men's Club

Richmond Club is proudly renowned as the local’s local; offering the community of Richmond a family friendly place to relax and socialise. Having been part of the Richmond community since 1888, we have our fair share of stories to tell.

100 years of Richmond

100 years of Richmond

We are proud to celebrate the 100th year of the Richmond Working Mens' Club. Download our anniversary booklet and read more about the rich history of our club.

Download our history booklet here

Staying true to our roots

Our 1904 records note lengthy discussions around which beers the club should stock (and this remains a very important decision, even today). We still hold some of our traditional values, but in most ways, like our new multicomplex The Borough, we’ve moved with the times.

The atmosphere we’ve created gives the club a warm and welcoming feel. And that’s not because of the décor; it’s the people. The Richmond Club is the place to relax, meet up with friends and make new friends.

The Model Club Member

The Model Club member is one who, wishing to have their rights respected, respects those of others, and who understands they are a member, and not the proprietor. They recognise that they are not number one, but one of a number, and is prepared to abide by the rules that have been passed for the benefit of all. They have a feeling for those who do the hard work and is ready to reward with praise those who have contributed to their comfort and enjoyment. Also, they never try to degrade the bar staff by saying “they are only a servant”, while the member is their master. They are courteous to all and, in short, a respectable member, and the more there are of them, the more the Club will flourish.

Click here to read our full Constitution